Seaside, Sorry and Folly. April 14 2016, 0 Comments

Well, I think I’m getting the hang of this blogging lark!  I hope that you managed to make it to the mention of Silo in Brighton.  They're good lads doing a good thing.

Ah, that view... and the food isn't bad either!

Still thinking of the seaside, we sold our much loved house in Lyme Regis this weekend, so our views over the Cobb on a sunny morning are gone. But it’s no matter, Mark Hix has his Townhouse at the top of the High Street so we can visit, and while we’re there he has his restaurant too - overlooking both the local crazy golf course and proper English seaside, with good cooking to boot, the view from there is hard to beat and almost consoles us from missing our own. Locals say that it is expensive, but they have real chefs and real produce which oddly and sadly seems to be a challenge too far for many local restaurants away from the big cities nowadays (before you all shout at once, there are many exceptions of course!).  There are too many somewhat tenuous claims made about seafood, some by people who really should know better. But - Simon the Fish has a wet counter on the Cobb, yes of course you can cook fresh fish at home! 

Here I am with a bottle of our own St. John Bourgogne, and a new drinking buddy!

One thing I did not do whilst in West Dorset, which has been on my mind:  I was a little curt one market day in Bridport when someone “leafleted” me over lunch. It was for the Bride Valley Vineyard, run by the Spurrier family – yes, as in Steven Spurrier.  I promise that I will make amends back in Town...!