Hard yards - and a reward in sight! February 14 2016, 0 Comments

When we are in the South of France at this time of year there are two views that we see for much of the time.  The first is the inside of another tasting hall, the second is outside, hopefully on a blue sky day, in the vineyards up in the hills that rise up from the Mediterranean. The halls can be former dungeons in medieval chateaux or, mostly and less appealing, those big metal boxes at regional expo centres. This is where the world of wine as big agri-business is most apparent.

Well, they say you’ve got to do the hard yards, and we certainly did them in the damp Loire last week before returning to the South. This week there will be both good and “commercial” wines to taste at Vinisud in the halls in Montpellier, thence to the vineyards of Provence (more on that later) and more importantly - to our annual urchin lunch with the vignerons on the harbour in Cassis, hard yards finally rewarded!

A (very) short break from the Loire drizzle in the Domaine La Haute-Fevrie vineyards - they make the Excellence (2013) on our lists, we are about to take another too, watch this space...

Young Max tasting the new vintage Muscadet from the tanks with the Domaine La Haute-Fevrie winemaker, Sebastian Branger.

Then on to the South, to the welcome Cassis sun and to urchins...!


Here's me with Sebastian Genovesi (another Sebastian!), the winemaker at Domaine Bagnol.  The picture is taken (by Max, there's his shadow!) from the top of the local calanque, with Cassis stretching out beneath. 

A beautiful day, the limestone cliffs that are evident in that Cassis Blanc, and the calanque above!

And finally, a sign that can be read a number of ways, but none relevant to me and Max!