13.5% ABV

Appellation Cassis Controllee

Sebastien and Jean Louis Genovesi work this small Domaine, producing aromatic, fresh wines using traditional local grape varieties. The wines from this tiny appellation in the heart of Provence have been given their own mini region because of their long standing quality which sets them quite apart from other Provincial wines – hence the higher prices.

These are the perfect summer wines. Imagine yourself on the sunny Mediterranean coast, glass in hand, eating fresh fish just pulled from the sea. Well worth the money!  This is a very pale rose, bone dry with great length and minerality. It is a serious rose, but one that is incredibly enjoyable to drink. Rare to find. Delicate red berry fruits and orange blossom, the balance of acidity just right with a great length.

The wines are a natural match for seafood, however we also find them a good pairing with pork.

Type: Rose
Location: Provence