40% ABV

Grande Champagne 1er Cru

This spends at least 8 years in oak barrels and is only drawn from these barrels to the bottle when it is needed. There is an elegance to this and the extra time on oak softens the power of the spirit and helps to bring out the fruit notes more.

The Couprie family have been growing grapes on their estate, Domaine de la Roumade, in Ambleville at the heart of Grande Champagne since 1730 and records show that they were distilling wine into Cognac in 1750 and have done so uninterruptedly since then.

Using their own alembic still they take the wine they make from Ugni Blanc grapes and double distill it to about 70% ABV. This eau-de-vie starts its life in Limousin oak barrels. After several years it is then transferred to older barrels to continue to mature.