40% ABV

AOP Calvados Controlee

His 'Selection' has been aged for 2-3 years. Varieties of apple that have more sweetness are used which allow such young drinking. It has a fine and light fragrance of bright apple fruit and delicate citrus, it is excellent as a straight digestif.

Pierre Morin began making Calvados in 1889 and his style comes from two factors - all of the eau-de-vie starts its life in Limousin oak barrels and then are eventually moved into diferent areas of the cellars where variances in warmth and humidity affect the aging process and bring in a degree of oxidation.

They work with a number of local farmers and distillers who present their spirits too them every year for selection. Principally using cider varieties of apple Bedan, Douce Möen, Belle Fille de la Manche, Tête de Brebis, Argile Rouge and Petit Jaune. Some have bitter tannins providing body and structure and bitter sweet varieties provide fruit and richness.