September already!... and our thoughts have turned to red and filling up the rack for the colder months to come. We've selected six red wines from different regions of France, ranging from the bright, crisp wines of Beaujolais all the way through to the ample and generous fruit of the south of France. There are some serious winemakers this month, with Herve Bizuel of Clos Des Fees and Pierre Breton being icons of their particular regions, but also some relative newbies!.. like the young Fabien with his Chenas and actually, come to think of it, ourselves, with the second vintage of our Carignan making an appearance. Enjoy!

2 x Domaine Chasselay, 'La Carriere' 2014, Chenas, Beaujolais

2 x Catherine & Pierre Breton, Trinch 2015, Bourgueil, Loire

2 x Eric Texier, Chat Fou 2014, Cotes Du Rhone

2 x Clos Des Fees, Les Sorcieres 2015, Roussillon

2 x Boulevard Napoleon, Carignan Noir 2012, La Liviniere, Minervois

2 x Chateau De Roquefort, Gueule De Loup 2015, Provence